With all the last minute shopping and packing going on this month it’s easy to forget about yourself and get lost in what you “should” do. My top 10 tips will help you to focus on the important stuff. Follow these easy tips to make your holiday the best ever.

Tip #1: Have realistic expectations
If you have the perception and wish to leave all challenges and obstacles behind, you are in for a nasty surprise. Whether you are at work or on a fabulous holiday, life follows you and with that the challenges and support of life.

Tip #2: Pack light and leave stuff behind
When you plan your wardrobe you wish to pack and you put it on your bed to pack in your suitcase, put at least 33% back in your cupboard. Make the decision to also leave at least 33% of your emotional stuff behind. Holidays don’t sort out stuff.

Tip #3: Set a couple of light-hearted goals
Decide how you want to be light hearted and make plans to do it. Pack lighthearted games in your suitcase, enjoy nature and set goals how you want to enjoy nature. Put your lighthearted hat on in the morning and see what is possible for you.

Tip #4: Pack positivity into your suitcase
It can be so easy to fall into the pattern of expecting people, events and circumstances to bring you joy, and we often forget that we can bring it too. Decide to tune into your positivity band wave.

Tip #5: Expect uncertainty and go with the flow
It is guaranteed that your plans will NOT work out the way you wish it to work out. Accept that your plans will expect you to go with the flow. Leave mister and mam “Control” home and challenge yourself to see how adaptable you can be.

Tip #6: Take care of yourself
It is YOUR well-deserved holiday as well, not only the well-deserved holiday of your life partner, kids, friends, and family. Decide how you wish to take care of yourself and do not have unrealistic expectation that anyone will know how to do it for you. Make a list of how you are going to take care of yourself (on my list is reading, playing golf, taking long walks in nature, thinking, sharing responsibilities and asking for help).

Tip #7: Be playful and laugh
Everyone has a playful child inside him or her, wishing to come out and play. Allow your inner child to come out and play. See how many play mates your playful inner child can invite for play dates and have fun.

Tip #8: Ask for what you want
Nobody can read your mind. Not your life partner, kids, friends nor your family members. Asking for what you want in a demanding, controlling, expecting “my-way-only” way is going to boomerang badly and will leave you on your own. Ask for what you want in a caring way, making suggestions and do it respectfully. I want my whole family to be together for Xmas lunch. The way I am asking for what I want is the following way: I have phoned around two months ago already, found a great Xmas lunch menu at a great restaurant and booked a table for the family. I have taken care of all the arrangements and all they have to do is show up.

Tip #9: Remember to rest and restore your body, mind and spirit
The gift of a holiday is the time you are granted to rest and restore your body, mind and spirit. The more you take care of your body, mind and spirit, the more they take care of you. Decide before you go on holiday how you choose to do it. Maybe you want to choose to eat and drink in moderation, sleep enough and nurture your soul with inspiring reading.

Tip #10: Count your blessings
It is a privilege to have the time for a holiday, whether you go to an exotic island or you stay home. Be grateful for your holiday plans, the people you are sharing your holiday with, the opportunities you have, the extra time to do things you oftentimes do not have the time to do when its work and school time.

I wish you a great holiday, special times with family and friends and well-being in your body, mind and spirit.

With love,


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