Achievement (or the sense of accomplishment) and the lack thereof. A relevant topic in our society today with the majority under lockdown. For many of us, being under lockdown inhibited our ability to achieve. Achievement of our goals, be it small personal, prominent professional or physical. Lockdown challenges us to accomplish what we set ourselves to reach the beginning of the year. With the prospect of the lockdown coming to an end soon, how do we “reset” these goals and create that sense of achievement that ultimately motivates us to do and become more? For some of us, it is a challenge “only to be” and continue from where we were before the lockdown, to get back to “normal”.

It all starts with introspection; an honest look into our lives and finding the purpose of our very existence. One of the most challenging questions in life, and not yet answered by the majority of society is: “What do you want?” It is a fundamental question that, without the answer, we cannot achieve or accomplish anything worthwhile (to ourselves) on our journey through life. We need to start on a blank paper, re-think what we really want in life. Then we start small but think big. By starting “small”, we automatically “reset” our original goals and create the opportunity to achieve these goals, and in turn, create the sense of achievement that is all-important for our self-image and motivation to accomplish more and bigger.

To create a sense of achievement while still under lockdown, we need to be creative and have more fun. A great way to do this is to start an online course, attend an exciting webinar, read an inspiring book. The key is to finish what you start, and this will start the snowball effect of achievement. Small wins repeatedly, generate significant gains over time. Even practising a hobby can create the success feeling that inspires us to do more. The key again is to finish what you start to get that snowball going.

I encourage you to read the book “The Achievement Factory: How to Fulfill your Dreams and Make Life an Adventure”, by Andrii Sedniev. A truly life-changing book.

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Arno von Mansberg


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