Our blog entry about “achievement”, we mentioned: “For some of us, it is a challenge “only to be” and continue from where we were before the lockdown, to get back to “normal”. The question will remain: “What is the new “normal” going to be for the future and more specifically, for my kids and school?” When we start mentioning our children, our emotions take control of our thoughts mostly and translate to our actions or decisions. With COVID-19 highly active, and schools opening and being given a choice to keep your kids at home doing home-schooling, what are the right decisions and the best for my children?

We must understand and respect the fact that each parent’s circumstances are different and that there are no right or wrong answers to this challenging question. We do, however, need to consider all the facts that influence our decision to get to the best solution for each parent. Here are some suggested guidelines to assist you in making the best decision for you as a parent and your household:

• Try to keep your emotions intact. It is an emotional topic, but you cannot afford to make this decision based on emotion alone.
• Evaluate the school’s readiness and obtain the readiness plan.
• Evaluate your children’s readiness for school with the new safety precautions and preventative measures put in place.
• Evaluate yourself, as a parent, and your capacity to exercise home-schooling if you opt for this choice.
• Do your research online to assist you in obtaining guidelines to get to an answer that works for you.
• Please encourage your children to ask questions and to share their feelings.
• Have a family meeting where you can discuss all the above factors, and conclude in a manner that is beneficial for the family as a whole. Reassure your children that they are ok and you are there for them.
• Seek professional help and advice. We suggest contacting Ilze Alberts and make an appointment or participate in her regular webinars for great advice and information. Contact Ilze at info@ilzealberts.com, 060 743 4143 or Info@BellaVida.co.za.

Do not let other people’s social media responses influence your informed decision you made after applying your decision-making process.

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Arno von Mansberg