You are not alone when it comes to end-of-the-year tiredness. When I recently searched “end of the year fatigue” on Google, 72 300 results came up!

But why do we get tired this time of the year and start counting the days to the December holidays?

Most people start a new year with a big bang, and lots of dreams and hopes. How often to you receive the New Year’s wishes “May this be your best year ever?”

But as soon as you step back onto the treadmill, your days become weeks and your weeks become months and your months turn into different seasons, and you realise this is just another year.

Most people I know live life with vigor and strive to be as successful and active as possible. From the full-time mom to the CEO, your days are packed with activities and service to your family, community, business and even country or the world. Even kids are commenting these days how time flies. I often hear adults and children say, “There is so much to do and too little time”.

It is thus no wonder by the 11th month of the year and with the anticipation of a great family holiday, many become aware of their tiredness and stress levels. This time of the year is also called the “silly season” with all year-end parties, school concerts, deadlines to be met and goals to be achieved.

You cannot deny your fatigue. You feel it in the sluggish way you are getting out of bed in the mornings and how often you fall asleep in front of the TV or with the book you’re reading, on your chest. You also cannot fast forward time to your holiday, so you will be better off learning how to deal with your fatigue differently. Here’s how:

Stop talking about how tired you are.
The more you tell yourself and others how tired and stressed you are, the more tired and stressed you will feel. It becomes like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Get enough sleep.
Do you know research has proven adults need 7-8 hours of sleep and kids 9-11 hours? Don’t fall asleep in front of the TV. Sleep in your bed, with drawn curtains, and remove electronic devices from you room.

Move your body.
The more you move your body, the more energised you will feel. You don’t have to start training for the Comrades or Cape Epic; you just need to move your body. Walking, dancing, stretching, yoga; in fact do the movement you like best and do it for at least 20-30 minutes.

See how your tiredness is serving you.
What would the pain have been if you felt as energised and rejuvenated as you usually feel in January? Can you see you are counting down to the end of a year?

Ilze Alberts

About Ilze Alberts

That path was forged in her decision to never again experience the pain and confusion of disempowerment, and the desire to fully control her own journey. It was shaped by her decades of experiences and learning, her Masters in Psychology and the influential work of mavericks of personal empowerment, like Dr John Demartini.

Her passion was tempered by a fascination with the human condition and the desire to see those closest to her live the lives they were born to lead. People like her kids, Charne, Jacques and Louis-Franz, and her husband, Roelf, who are an fundamental part of why Ilze does what she does.

Today Ilze works with individuals, their families and their businesses to make sure we can all live our most beautiful lives, and leave meaningful legacies. She uses bespoke tools, like her ‘Balance’ approach, a holistic style of wealth creation, and her Wisdom of Wealth Model, to help others experience what it is like to sit at the centre of their own stories, and control their own narratives on their own paths to success.

When she has a spare second, she has a deft hand at golf, devours books and is absolutely dedicated to her family

Ilze is one-of-a-kind. She lives to make sure that you are, too.