Oh how glorious this New Year will be for you, if you do the right things.

I do believe in destiny. Yet, destiny is assisted by human agency.

Once you do your best, let go—and allow life to do the rest.

In the spirit of enthusiastic service around your highest 2021 ideals, I strongly encourage you to apply the following 50 actions so you start the new year operating at your absolute best:

  1. Rise with a thankfulness prayer.
  2. Stop spending time with toxic people.
  3. Commune with nature every day.
  4. Forgive the unforgiven.
  5. Meditate each morning.
  6. Don’t do work that’s ordinary.
  7. Watch not negative television.
  8. Get regular sunshine.
  9. Install an excellent pre-sleep routine.
  10. Don’t worry about tiny things.
  11. Run your own race.
  12. Read for an hour every evening.
  13. Find the richness in simple pleasures.
  14. Don’t buy what you don’t need.
  15. Exercise often and sweat hard.
  16. Embrace the luxury of silence.
  17. Be an original.
  18. Talk less and listen more.
  19. See those who hurt you as teachers.
  20. Upgrade your good manners.
  21. Do whatever you do really well.
  22. Don’t put anyone down.
  23. Practice doing hard things.
  24. Breathe more deeply.
  25. Commit to personal mastery.
  26. Get a mentor.
  27. Trust your instincts.
  28. Take long walks alone.
  29. Eat higher quality food.
  30. Have rest days.
  31. Smile at strangers.
  32. Fill your home with lovely music.
  33. Study to improve your skills.
  34. Respect your elders.
  35. Love the process.
  36. Honor your past.
  37. Work harder than anyone you know.
  38. Invest in learning.
  39. Read great autobiographies.
  40. Form a weekly mastermind group.
  41. Do fifty pushups a day.
  42. Stop swearing.
  43. Start speaking like a hero.
  44. Listen to audiobooks.
  45. Never compare yourself to others.
  46. Postpone not your heart’s desires.
  47. Be kind.
  48. Choose peace over conflict.
  49. Give away what you most want.
  50. Show us your magic.

Let’s make 2021 the greatest year of your life. Yet.

Love + respect,


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