At Resource Complete, we strive to help. We are assisting people in finding that perfect job in these troubled times. We listen to the needs of our eco-partners and customise our personnel and resourcing solutions to both our clients and the resources we advocate. Helping, not only serves to contribute to the needs of society, but it also provides us, Resource Complete, a great sense of achievement in succeeding.

I am Arno von Mansberg, founder of Resource Complete, and I am excited to share our views, news, and exciting topics with our followers. While most businesses tend to focus their blogs on business-related issues primarily, we will be different. Here we will cover a diverse and broad list of topics that will feed our community with valuable take-aways in their day-to-day lives and well-being. We will introduce guest bloggers to share their expert knowledge that we believe will contribute to our purpose as a company. We will aim to keep our content uplifting, exciting and most of all, practical and useful to all.

Resource Complete was born during a challenging time of large-scale retrenchments. It is a heartbroken experience witnessing the impact such an event has on people’s lives. It was the spark that led to helping people in similar situations find a meaningful way forward. The emphasis being on “meaningful” and very importantly, not only getting a job but finding a home where you belong. Belonging is to look after and being looked after. It is a mutual relationship that is to the benefit of the “household”, that in turn, serves the greater community in the long run.

Some example topics that we will cover in future blogs will include;

–              Achievement

–              Communication

–              COVID-19 Sanity Check Chat

–              Procrastination

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Arno von Mansberg