In this episode of Disrupt Everything with Isra Garcia: #138 Robin Sharma: Self-Mastery, Practical Wisdom, Methodology & The 5AM Club, I share the potent tactics I’ve taught to the titans of industry, world-changers, and elite performers I’ve mentored for over 24 years to take the lead in uncertain times and thrive in the midst of chaos.

You’ll learn some of the key methodologies of my work that will help you bulletproof your business and protect your positivity in these hard times: including The Twin Cycles of Elite Performance, The 20/20/20 Formula (which I explain in-depth in The 5AM Club), and how to master your 4 Interior Empires to maximize your creativity, productivity, prosperity, and impact. Listen to the podcast here:

And to be of service to you, I have a strong list of learning resources that will help you thrive and rise amid these difficult times.

My free tactical guide The War Measures Manual.

My free 4-video training series The Everyday Hero Formula.

Hope all this helps!

Stand strong and be of good courage.

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Robin Sharma