• Freedom of choice (whom do I want to work for and where)
  • Freedom of schedule (when do I want to work and for how long)
  • Selection of remuneration (Management Platform links experience and satisfaction ratings)
  • Opportunity to be highly flexible in their professional career
  • Having the support structure that actively markets the services and expertise
  • Having access to professional coaching and mentoring programs
  • Rapidly expanding on their experience by getting exposure to a vast number of different work environments
  • Growing their expertise and acumen from multiple work interfaces and experiences, rather than being penalised for “job-hopping.”

Resource Complete is committed to contributing to the Human Resourcing sector by actively marketing and filling the need for specialized, professional and contingent resources.

We provide our Resources with a safe and independent environment for their development. It, in turn, also provides our Clients with a high-calibre of employee available for project or longer-term contractual work.

The Clients’ primary benefits are:

  • Fit-For-Purpose Resources (by mapping Resources against Clients needs)
  • Freedom of schedule (when they need Resources and for how long – no committed overheads)
  • Selection of remuneration (Management Platform linked to experience and ratings)
  • Consistency across the business with flexible staff that adapts as the company grows or scales down
  • Continuity-of-Service. Uninterrupted Service by having access to Specialist Transition and Bridging Staff to fill a sudden interim void when the unforeseen occurs. Our highly specialized personnel focus as short term resource backup that are able to transfer existing knowledge and project status and scope to the more permanent resource when they become available