Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life.”
Tony Robbins

When I was a young girl, I would wake up some mornings in a bad mood and think, ”Oh, I wish I wouldn’t feel this bad…” I couldn’t understand why my emotions were managing me. It was only many years later, as an adult and psychologist, that I learned life-changing skills and approaches to help me manage my emotions.

I can’t say that it is easy. And I can’t say that I have my emotions well-managed ALL the time.

But I CAN guarantee one thing: the practice of managing my emotions made a SIGNIFICANT impact on my life.

And so, I want to share with you the tips and techniques I have learned over the years that have helped me manage my emotions:

Look at emotions differently
Whenever you experience a negative emotion that you find challenging or painful, put on your perception glasses.
Your perception glasses have one negative lens and one positive lens, helping you to see both sides (the negative AND positive) of any situation.
As the universal law of duality states: for every positive, there is a negative. And for every action, there is an EQUAL but OPPOSITE reaction.
So, when you are feeling a negative emotion (e.g.: sadness) ask yourself, “About what am I feeling the OPPOSITE emotion?” (e.g.: hopeful. You must decide the opposite of the negative feeling).

Practise breathing exercises
Whenever I feel that my breathing is becoming shallow, and I’m feeling a bit anxious, I do a breathing exercise – I have a breathing app on my Apple watch. I encourage you to download a breathing app.

Practise meditation
I have meditations that I listen to for 5 mins, 10 mins or 15 mins, all depending on the time I have on hand. When we quiet our minds, see both sides (the negative AND positive), and breathe deeply into our tummies, we become mindful.

Focus on your vision for your life
I wish to teach self-mastery to thousands of people all around the world because I know that it makes a difference in people’s lives.
When I connect to this vision, it lifts me up and gives me gratitude, making me feel centred and in control of my emotions.

Have faith in the higher power
When it comes to my goals, I know that half is up to me and the other half is up to the higher power. Knowing that there is a higher power helping me along the way, brings me a great sense of comfort.

Use your emotions as a driving force to learn about yourself
Our emotions can teach us a lot about ourselves — they can help us identify the things and situations that make us tick, stress us out, bring us pleasure, and inspire us.

In January I shared on my Facebook page, Families Extraordinaire, one question a day that will help you to get to know yourself better.

By revisiting those questions and applying them, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, which will help you to better manage your emotions.

Remember, suffering may be universal, but victimhood is optional.

So, if you often find yourself holding onto what happened in the past, reliving the pains, resentments, and disappointments, just know that you have the power of choice.

You can choose to dissolve the emotions that get in the way of living a meaningful and purposeful life.

And I can show you how, using a mental mind model designed to neutralize emotions and bring the mind into a state of balance.

Watch my live stream recording about managing emotions:

Drop me an email at ilze@ilzealberts.com or send me a WhatsApp message if you would like to discuss how you can take control of the emotions that trip you up. Investing in your own self growth is by far the biggest gift to your loved ones AND to yourself.

I will get in touch with you to help you decide on a plan of action that will work best for you and your vision for the life you wish to live.

From my heart to yours,